How much will it cost to install an air conditioner in my home?

There are a few variables when it comes to assessing the air con solution for your home or business. A small, basic box air con starts at about $750 supply and install for replacement units, with energy efficient 2.5kw split systems starting from around $1315 for replacement units. Your existing wiring will also be taken into account.  We’re happy to provide basic quotes free of charge and without any obligation.

Why do my light bulbs keep blowing?

Old halogen bulbs can blow quite often. We recommend replacing them with new LED light fittings. They are both energy eficient ( up to 80 percent more efficient) and long lasting so less maintenance required.

What steps can I take to reduce my power bill?

We recommend you conduct a self-audit of your home using Ergon’s online energy calculator to work out where your hard earned dollars are being spent. Don’t forget to include the smaller items like fish tanks, computers that are left running and fans – you’ll be surprised at how much power they use.

The owner of EAS has a large 4 bedroom house with a pool (no solar system) and the average energy bill per quarter in winter is around $400. We’re happy to share our energy saving tips, just get in touch for a chat.

If my hot water is not hot enough do I need an electrician or a plumber?

Usually it will be electrician because the problem usually lies with the electrics. Plumbers are responsible for initial install of the unit and connecting it properly to mains water supply.


My safety switch keeps tripping, what can I do to isolate the problem?

A safety switch is doing its job properly by tripping because its protecting you and your family from electrical hazards.  Tripping is usually a sign it’s detected something abnormal within the electrical circuitry of your home or business.

To isolate the source of a trip, we suggest removing all appliances from the wall sockets (turning them off is not enough, the plug needs to be physically removed from the socket). Once you’ve done this, reset your safety switch and, one by one, reconnect the appliances.  If the safety switch trips when an appliance is reconnected, then you’ve isolated the issue (faulty appliance).  If this doesn’t work, you’ll need an electrician to investigate further.

Safety tip: Don’t forget to have your safety switch tested regularly to ensure it’s operating properly.